Still life with chicken: Art by accident

The story of our life with chickens would be incomplete without evidence. We have taken countless photos and videos over the years, yet when I began to embellish my blog posts with those images, I realized they were all beginning to look the same. I played around with Pixlr, an open source photo editor, on the feature photo and the one directly below. The result? Not your straightforward chicken shots. Instead, abstract beauty and introspection.

Hen vignette
I stood outside of the coop and captured this image. There’s a story behind this bird. A 140-word story, in fact: The hen sought refuge on a splintered sill, away from the punishing beaks of her tormentors, away from the amorous advances of the rooster. 
Now this is a moody photo. This is the same hen as above. In this shot, though, I am standing inside the coop.


This is Logan. He gets called upon when the coop needs cleaning. The photo was taken by my friend Jennifer. She shortened the depth of field, so the chickens in the background are mere suggestions. The image is subtle yet speaks volumes, and it hints at the relative harmony of life inside the coop.




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